You can ask Goolash to create a brand new contract after selecting the Autotask account in the previous step.

  1. Select the No Contract (1) option and press the Next (2) button.

  2. On the next page, choose Create a new contract (1) and press the Next (2) button.

  3. You can tell Goolash when you would like to start syncing the contract on the next page. By default, it will set the start date equal to the start of the Microsoft or Google subscription so it will start syncing as soon as you finish the wizard.

    If you would like to wait until a later time before Goolash will start managing this contract, choose a future date using the select boxes (1).

    To reset the date to today, press the calendar icon (2).

    You can adjust the billing cycle (3). This is how Goolash creates the contract in Autotask. The billing cycle can't be changed afterward.
    End after (4) is how long the first contract will run:
    Billing cycle example :
    * Yearly :Occurrences 1 (Default contracts for1 year)
    Autotask invoices with the start of the contract
    * Monthly: Occurrences 12 (Default contract for 1 year) We advise you to set the occurrences to 12 when you have a monthly billing cycle.
    Autotask invoices every month.
    Scheduled for is the date that Goolash start making changes in Autotask for this contract.

    Based on the application settings we extend the end date of a contract with active services 30 days before the renewal. We extend the contract with 1 year!

  4. On the last page, you will see a summary of the changes Goolash will make. Review these changes (1) and press the Save Changes (2) butto